Do you really need those engagement photographs?

With the avalanche advancement of a focus on more relaxed and candid wedding portraits, came an other trend- Engagement Photography. And I have heard the question time after time- do couples really need to have engagement photographs done, and why should they anyway? I mean, sure it’s included in the price, so why not? But maybe you could get a better deal if you skip on it? And every time when I hear that last line, my little heart just wants to scream “No! Wait! Listen!”

Well, let’s go through the obvious arguments first:

  • It gives you a chance to get to know the photographer and see if you want them to be a part of your wedding (because trust me, the photographer is one of the vendors who is really there the WHOLE day).
  • Getting to know the photographer beforehand, makes it easier for things to run smoothly during the wedding day (You no longer have a complete stranger walk in on you getting dressed, randomly taking pictures. Sounds creepy? Yeah, I agree, which is why having established a working relationship beforehand, makes it so much easier for both the couple and the photographer)
  • It gives you a chance to see how the photographer works, and a chance to get used to it before the wedding day.
  • Nervous in front of the camera? Hate posing? Well, engagement photographs help you practice before the big day, and see what you are comfortable with.
  • It also gives the photographer a chance to see what works and what doesn’t work for you before the big day. So when things are running behind schedule on your wedding day, and the planned picture time goes from one hour, to 15 minutes, your photographer is already on it, and knows exactly how to get the best possible images for you.
  • It gives you a chance to see what you like and don’t like about how you photograph in pictures, and a chance to discuss this with your photographer.
  • And of course, let’s not forget the stationary– you get images for save the dates, thank you cards, and a wedding guest book (if that’s your cup of tea).

Soooo… having gone through all of the very logical and calculated and brainy arguments, let me give you this completely emotional and non-scientific argument– because you will (hopefully) cherish those images in the years to come. And so will your children and grandchildren.

Think about it- this is the one chance to freeze this special little time. The crazy months of excitement, wedding planning, juggling of vendors, relatives who want to come and don’t want to come and want to come after all, and seating plans, and cake tastings, and meaningful looks between you and your beloved one when Aunt Sally is insisting you wear your grandmother’s wedding dress.

Do you ever look at photographs from a special time in your life, and remember how you felt then? What about being fascinated by old photographs of your parents, when they were young and crazy in love, and excited about the years to come? Or even your grandparents? Engagement photographs are your chance to freeze this little slice of history, to save it to be able to come back to it years down the line.

This, “THIS”, is your real reason to get your engagement photographs done. Because you will pull out the album, when you are both old and grey, and smile at how young you two were, and you will turn to your partner and give them a knowing smile. Because your children will flick through the album, and say “I hope I will feel this sort of love one day”. Because your grandchildren will look at the images, and laugh at your outdated outfits, but still be mesmerised by the emotions captured. That’s why.

So saying that, I’ll leave you with images that have mesmerised me. This is my grandmother and my grandfather, when they were young. They stuck it out until my grandfather passed away, and my grandmother never fully got over it and loved him until the day she could follow him. The inscription on the back the last photograph? It’s in Russian, and reads: “Remember, and never forget, who loves you unconditionally”.

Old faded photographs from the 1920's of a young woman and young man in uniform

Old faded photograph of a couple standing together with an inscription on the back of the photograph