I just came home to Orange Country, California from Charelston, South Carolina, where I attended a wedding photography workshop with none other than Sam Hurd himself. For those who know me a bit more- you know my personal little love affair with Sam’s and Jeff Newsom’s images. There is something about the bare simplicity of their images, combined with amazing new ideas (oh seriously, if you haven’t checked out their works so far, you really should!!)

This one was a pleasant little surprise, as I had wanted to go to one of the workshops for ages… but found a thousand excuses under the sun for why now was not the time. Until my wonderful husband just went ahead and sent me off on this adventure. And boy am I grateful for that!! I was getting a bit too comfortable with my wedding photography techniques, and for the last few months have felt like I need a kick in the backside. There is nothing like seeing how someone whose work you admire works, and getting a full day of unlimited question time. I think all of my fellow photographers who attended will agree- we used the time to the fullest to pick his brain, and ask all the questions we have been dying to ask! If you are on the fence about this workshop, you should definitely go!

Charleston is an interesting place indeed. While I am used to heat from living in California and spending hot days in the sun while shooting weddings, I was not expecting how much the humid heat would hit you. A shout out goes to Nesty, who drives the shuttle from the airport, and kept me entertained with little nuggets of Charleston knowledge, so I wouldn’t fall asleep (you know it girl!).

For now, let me share some images from my day there. For edited couple portrait images from the the adventures of an Orange County Wedding Photographer at an Epic Workshop in Charleston, South Carolina, follow the link in this sentence! =)

Sam Hurd Epic Workshop - Victoria Johansson Photography_0001 Sam Hurd Epic Workshop - Victoria Johansson Photography_0002 Sam Hurd Epic Workshop - Victoria Johansson Photography_0003