General Questions

Weddings that require travel

How would you describe your style?

My style is very much about focusing on candid, rather than posed moments, always looking for the quirky shots. No seriously, be warned, if you want to laugh at your granddad’s face during the speeches for years- I am your girl.

How much editing do you do?

Oooo… good question!! There is no straight answer here. I don’t believe in altering the way you, or any of your guests look, as I believe imperfections make you beautiful, and make you YOU. (But saying that, I will remove any blemishes that (just because that’s the way Murphy’s law works) decide to rear their uggly head on your wedding day.)

What does you basic package include?

All of my packages come with an online high resolution password protected gallery for you to share and download your images from, as well as any planning help that you need along the way. =)

You can then choose how many hours your would like me to be with you, and if you would like any prints and/or albums on top of that.

How many images do we get?

You will get all of the edited, high resolution images in a colour and a black and white version, in an online gallery. It’s difficult to say how many images you will get, as it’s highly individual, but I guarantee a minimum of 150 images for a half day, and would count on around 200 and upwards (I have never actually delivered less than that for a full wedding- the most was around 800 individual images).

What about the rest of the images?

My focus is on quality over quantity, so while you may see me snap several versions of the same scene, I am probably just doing a couple of duplicates to make sure I have one image where everyone involved have their eyes open. I will delete all of the outtakes, duplicates, closed eyes, test images, blurred ones, etc. Basically, I will take out everything that I would not be happy to present as a finished product to you. But take my word for this- the images that are left will rock!

Where are you based out of?

I live in Palm Beach County, South Florida, but I travel for work all the time, and am happy to go anywhere in the world. Having spent a full year backpacking around Asia on a shoestring, very little phases me in terms of travel, and I still have not been able to get rid of that damned travel bug!

We feel super awkward in front of a camera. Will you pose us?

Yes and no. I don't believe in micromanaging every single detail of the photograph, but I will also not leave you hanging with a camera pointed at you either (because frankly, that would be awkward!). What I will normally do, is to give you some directions or actions to encourage some interaction between the two of you. I will then work around you, to catch the most beautiful picture possible based on the real emotions and reactions that happen naturally between you and your fiancé .

How much are your packages?

It depends on your needs for the day, and where you are getting married. NorCal/Mammoth, Phoenix area and Las Vegas weddings (basically anywhere within 6 hours drive one way) are charged as local weddings, plus a travel fee. Weddings further away have specific destination pricing. But to give you an idea, a local 5 hour wedding with an engagement session, and all images delivered in an online gallery, starts at $2,300.

Can you come and shoot our wedding anywhere?

Probably! I would love to chat to you about your wedding, no matter the location, so that I can figure out if I can legally photograph it.

I didn’t realise that you needed work visas. An other photographer told us that he would be happy to photograph our wedding in Canada.

Honestly, I wish it was that simple, but countries like for example Canada, have really strict requirements when it comes to working there as a US resident. While I know of people who have managed to sneak in with no problems, unless the photographer has a work permit or Canadian residency, there is always a risk that they will be stopped at the border and turned around. Saying that- get in touch, and let’s chat about your wedding and figure out what can be done, or if a work permit is even needed for that location!

What does your destination package include?

My destination packages are structured a little bit different, as I am with you for a longer period of time, and can tell your story differently. So saying that, it's unlimited number of hours on your wedding day, and either a portrait session the day after your wedding (so we can really use a gorgeous location we may not have time to get to on your wedding day), or a rehearsal dinner the day before. I will also give you a quote fully inclusive of all travel fees, so what you get is exactly what you will pay. No surprises, and no additional hidden fees.

We are having a rehearsal dinner the night before- can you photograph it?

Absolutely! As part of the destination package, I will either cover the rehearsal dinner the night before, or we can go for a longer portrait session the day after your wedding. (I often find that it allows us to travel further and to find some immensely beautiful places we wouldn't get to otherwise on your wedding day.)