I know I normally post all things wedding related, but I thought I would do something personal today- Meet Tucker! This week, we celebrated four months since he found us, and come home with us. Tucker is a rescue dog, and is a YorkiePoo (I never thought we’d end up with a designer dog, and was convinced we would end up with a retriever, but here you go). We thought he might be a Westie-mix, but DNA tested him just in case, to be aware of any genetical breed specific problems we need to be on top of. Turns out he is 25% Yorkie, 25% Mini Poodle, and 50% everything you can imagine (Great Swiss Mountain Dog anyone???)

Here he is seen enjoying his 4-month pupcake (oh yes, those exist- it’s a cupcake, specifically made for dogs)

Tucker, a rescue YorkiePoo, enjoying a pupcake on his four month aniversary

This little fella joined us February 15th, and completely turned our live upside down. Sleeping in? Forget about it. Being able to take a shower without him crying outside? Eating in peace, without him looking at you like he hasn’t been fed for years? Watching TV without him randomly barking, if there is so much as a doorbell in a show? Nope, nope, and nope. All of a sudden, we had this little life, which we needed to incorporate into our lives, and take into account when we make any decisions.

We had a rough start, with him needing surgery straight out of the shelter. And discovering he has a whole range of allergies (anyone ever heard a dog reverse sneeze? We thought he was having an asthma attack), leading to some serious down days and tummy aches, and hospital visits to rule out bloat.

And it’s totally worth it! Because he snores when he sleeps next to us (he claimed our bed on the very first night he got here, and now has “his” spot). Because he is sleepy until about 12 noon, and hence always curls up in my lap while I edit in the morning. Because he is so excited when we come home, that he doesn’t know what to do with himself. And because every time one of us leaves, he feels like there should be a search and rescue party (and I can hear him nudging his little poochie bells, which he uses to tell us when he needs to go outside, so we can go and look for my husband).

So- Meet Tucker!!

Tucker at the shelter and a couple of days after his surgery
Tucker getting used to our house and settling in, here seen playing with his toys and chasing birds
A dog licking a man's face with man laughing