Jewish Bel Air Wedding

I don’t think I ever blogged this Jewish Bel Air wedding that I second shot for Devon Donnahoo a few years ago. This is a shame because the private estate where the wedding is set is something else. Most of the weddings I assist at, never get through my editing queue. It’s often the editing is done by the primary photographer. It would be no lie to say that a lot of photographers are guilty of this. Our own clients come first. Which is as it should be. Saying that I have promised myself to edit at least a few this month (ahem… year). I have a few of these hidden gems up my sleeve.
Set in Bel Air, this wedding comes with jaw-dropping views of the surrounding hills. It is a perfect setting for an outdoor wedding. And an even better setting for a reception under the stars. So let me tell you a little bit about it.

The Bride and Groom

It was a beautiful and sunny Southern California summer day. The bride and groom were graced with friends and family from all over the world traveling to attend their special day. I have to say- I do love Jewish weddings and the energy that is always present as the party starts! The dancing only stops when the music stops, and the food… ah, how can I not mention the food?! I can never walk past a plate of teiglach without stealing a honey ball or two. (Don’t judge! Seriously! Have you had one of those ‘melt in your mouth delicious” bad boys?)
This party was no exception, although I would be lying if I said that the hora at the end didn’t make me a little bit nervous. The wedding is held on a property set on a hill and all. With a quite significant drop, only secured by a modest fence. And people being less than sober by the end of the night. Yeah… a shout out to the bride and groom for their nerves of steel!

Jewish ceremony at a Bel Air Wedding at a private estate in Bel Air Guests celebrating after the ceremony at a Bel Air wedding Chair dance at a Bel Air wedding during the evening reception


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(P.S. Keep your eyes peeled for another wedding I assisted at, that’s due to hit the blog very soon.)




I love your lighting! These are lovely!

The pure joy on her face was stunning! You did an amazing job capturing this day for this beautiful couple. Thank you for sharing!

Gorgeous session! I love the gold.

What a beautiful and bright wedding! So lovely!