How would you describe your style?

Having grown up in Sweden (the land of the mighty Ikea), I am in love with simplicity and clean lines, so don’t be surprised if you see this tendency peep through in my images.

My style is very much about focusing on candid, rather than posed moments, always looking for the quirky shots. No seriously, be warned, if you want to laugh at your granddad’s face during the speeches for years- I am your girl.

What else to mention… Ah, yes, I am a sucker for film photography, and this shows in the way I post process my images.

How much editing do you do?

Oooo… good question!! There is no straight answer here. I don’t believe in altering the way you, or any of your guests look, as I believe imperfections make you beautiful, and make you YOU. (But saying that, I will remove any blemishes that (just because that’s the way Murphy’s law works) decide to rear their uggly head on your wedding day.)

However, I also feel like photography is an art form, and I feel comfortable altering your surroundings to make the image more balanced. So I have no qualms removing a pole sticking out of your head, or people in the background of your couple portrait. I know not everyone feels comfortable with this level of editing, and whether I do any of the extensive editing will depend on your wishes and individual needs, so I will make sure to discuss this with you before the wedding day =)

What does you basic package include?

I have to admit that I am in love with telling stories. Be it through painting or photography, I am always looking for the story.

So saying that, I will normally prefer to meet up for a coffee- to find out more about who you are, and what your story is. We can then discuss if you would like to have an engagement session (complimentary, so that I can get to know you guys), and what your requirements are for the wedding. I am happy to be there dusk till dawn, if you wish for me to be there for that long! Paparazzi time!

In terms of the images- you will get all of the edited, high resolution images in a colour and a black and white version, on a USB memory stick. It’s difficult to say how many images you will get, as it’s highly individual, but I guarantee a minimum of 150 images for a half day, and would count on around 200 and upwards (I have never actually delivered less than that for a full wedding- the most was around 800 individual images).

What about the rest of the images?

My focus is on quality over quantity, so while you may see me snap several versions of the same scene, I am probably just doing a couple of duplicates to make sure I have one image where where all involved have their eyes open. I will delete all of the outtakes, duplicates, closed eyes, test images, blurred ones, etc. Basically, I will take out everything that I would not be happy to present as a finished product to you. But take my word for this- the images that are left will rock!

So what is on your bucket list?

Boy- throwing me the hard questions here! To mention a few I would like to shoot, but still haven’t had a chance to- a relaxed simple wedding in the woods; a clifftop elopement; a cool and relaxed DIY urban wedding (think exposed bricks in an old warehouse); an underwater wedding; a hot air balloon wedding… Oh, the list really could go on and on and on! (Seriously, if you are planning one of the above weddings- get in touch!! Please?)

Where do you operate?

I am based in Orange County, photographing weddings in LA, NY and Philadelphia, but I am happy to travel anywhere in the world. Having spent a full year backpacking around Asia on a shoestring, very little phases me in terms of travel, and I still have not been able to get rid of that damned travel bug!

A few tidbits


Cups of coffee consumed during one day of editing


years happily married


languages spoken fluently-ish (Russian, Swedish and English)


dogs climbing on top of my laptop at any one time


Years spent with a camera in my hand


countries lived in (so far)

If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch via my contact page. I look forward to hearing from you!